A faceful of gold, diamonds, pearls, and more


I recently made some purchases and what I have in these 3 bags cost me a few thousand dollars along with a package deal for a monthly service. Was I pressured or given to some unction? Yes, a bit. Could I afford this? No, not really.
This is my new life increase and change to the best of my available resources.
No, not a salesman but I don’t know for certain what the future holds in that aspect.

If I search for myself for reason madness comes up as probable. I would say so because so many have tried and failed. But what this is to me is not what it might be for others.

This is alchemy. This is the cure for cancer for me. This might unlock eternal rejuvenation, restoration, and regeneration.

Just a quick peek and I will try reviewing one item every week or so along with my expected and achieved results as well as how this is changing things.


What is that stuff?


Did you stop in the middle of a mall?


skin care products I think.


Skin care? I buy Nivea Q10 lotion. It costs about $7 on sale. $9 normal price. One bottle lasts about a month. I have a feeling Mark spent more.


Is it like this?


I repeat, $7. lol.



I have used several products like that and those are more attuned to a budget and income like mine and what I have, depsite getting at a much lower cost than the original asking price, is more suited for somebody with a budget and and net worth more like yourself.

Normally I prefer one simple product I can use for everything like a bodywash/conditioner/shampoo. Or overall spray lotion. I honestly never cared or imagined more for myself and despite that atttitude I did learn on my own how to produce better results. It would give me a sense of accomplishment when I got what seemed like more than my dollar for dollars worth in benefits from a purchase or even more.

It is easy to get stuck in that “mindset”, and when I say mindset I want it to sound like television set where change and the ability to make it are absolutely the priority.

This helps with broadcasting and receiving. Think of the difficulties we have had having simple chat conversations with type or even voice/video and phone. Our frequency, our wavelength, whatever it was, was so distorted that it made it frustratingly impossible. The sudden blackouts, the blinding light, the surges of ungrounded power that made you suddenly cut off the conversation, drop the call or close the window. The fear you have of meeting me in person face to face.

I experience difficulties and apprehensions of my own. But I want to focus on what is here because this is all that is new and applied of me. And this is difficult with more invested.


Yes, I did at a place I normally have walked past for years. It was an opportunity cost to what I might have normally purchased and invested time in as far as goods and services.

Might not be exactly like that, one L. But thank you for sharing, it reveals and aspect of of you that might only be addressed on the superficial, can’t scratch that facet and it is necessary to bring out another in you.


yes w, it is. no mention of hair though. i’ve read the skin is the largest organ of the body, but with all the science today one organ can just as easily be another.


Oh I thought you were saying you used Nivia but that’s not what was in the bags because I thought you said you spent a lot of money on what was in the bags and you just said 7 dollars for Nivea. Ok so these are Marks purchases.


I buy these products also. Not the same name brand but same results from the products and incredibly expensive. Pretty little Israeli girl loves to see me coming. The first time I bought from her I spent 2000$ but now it’s about 700. That wrinkle remover I posted a photo of is something like 200$ but totally worth it.

One of the products is removed with a magnet. You’re going to like it


Wow, you must be really be wrinkly.


Both of you are American resources that it would be a shame let go to waste.

It is difficult to keep “face”, not just an upholding of your own esteeem but the very physcial composure and substance. Cellualr decay is not just a breakdown in phone conversations yet it is felt physically and often manifest. Maintaining composure and structural integrity of character becomes just as dependent on one’s own responses to stress on persona as it does on one’s own molecular stability.


Mark, do you identify with the incel movement?


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Only between my eyes!!!


No. Despite on the surface descriptive commonalities the run of the vein does not match.


That is odd you mention that, that is what got me to make my larger purchases although I did buy one or two items months back. And about being in the mall, yes the two companies I’ll abbreviate just as L and FF are located most commonly in malls and the center, and I believe they are both the same compnay or share some parent company. Are you certain you did not shop at the exact same place or if we have ever met before anywhere?

What I don’t like is carrying out those bags. In malls walking around you see a lot of young males walking around, some are unemployed and many are father’s with little to no other responsibilties. The girls are very attentive and helpful and give samples and present the items with the very high initial costs, often without a sale but keeping occupied. Facial care is suddenly a very serious matter and seems almost an essential prerequisite to breathing, intake of nutrition, and hydration as well as a barrier to actual interaction.

What made me feel uncomfortable was the way some of these guys were looking at anyone carrying out a store bag with that label and knowing what the items cost. Most large purchases and they do show receipts of sales they have made to potential clients, seemed to made by lower to middle income women, although that would depend on area.


Mark, normal men don’t worry about facial care. I couldn’t give a rip, myself. I shave and stay clean. That’s good enough.


My father did aloe vera to get the “younger” chicks though