911: Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning

I was at work. I’d only had my job for less than 3 months. Way back then we used portable radios, so I randomly had it on. It could have been that I was busy working, but even when the second plane hit, it didn’t really come through well. I actually went to the gym after work and talked like it was a regular day. I found out the significance when I got home after taking to some people.


I was in Calgary. I didn’t have a TV and the internet was down so I ran to the nearest mall to watch one. There was a crowd around every TV but people made room. They were already talking about how this was probably a set up so Bush could invade some hapless and helpless nation. We hoped it wouldn’t affect Canada and we wished the US would quit meddling in the middle east.

I was dating an American girl from Washington at the time. I asked her if she wanted to come to Canada until things settled but she didn’t. She had a kid which complicated things.

Now, 18 years later, the world is unrecognizable. Individual freedoms have been abandoned and there’s security everywhere. The police state transition is complete.

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You are over-dramatizing the state of government affairs.

A conspiracy? I guess this is another one I should buy into. As long as I don’t point any fingers at the guiltless Left.

We now live in a world where a Tweet deemed offensive can end your career and ability to provide for your family. Where we are all used to being searched and scanned on a regular basis. Where the accusation that you were sexually inappropriate 30 years ago can destroy your life. I don’t think I’m over-dramatizing it at all.

You can thank the hate-filled intolerant Left for that.

I love that Budweiser only aired that commercial once. Such a touching tribute.

I was asleep and my radio-alarm turned on. I remember the DJ’s voice choked with tears and couldn’t speak. I stood up and walked to the balcony over looking the living room. My parents had the TV on and as I was watching the 2nd air plane struck the 2nd tower. I remember asking why are they watching such a terrible movie so early in the morning (this was out of character for them as they are very picky what films they see.)

When they told me it wasn’t a movie but live television I was shocked. I couldn’t believe what had happened. And then the towers fell.